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Jay and Zabrina Anderson

Hey there. It’s your old neighbour. Just checking in and hoping you are having a swell APS season.

As you were our only experience with buying and selling a house. I think you may have set the bar a wee bit too high.

We used a guy when we bought here in Edmonton because we were told he was good. Good enough as we bought a great house.

Now that we are using him to sell our home it is the complete opposite. I guess I was used to what you did when you listed our place. It sold in three weeks and we didn’t need to continually ask you for what was going on. Or for Sellers feedback, like we are with this agent now.

I guess what I am trying to say is … You were awesome in Selling our home!! Thank you for that. If we are ever posted back to Petawawa, we will definitely be using you.